For many 'paradise on earth‘, the archipelago of Brijuni is an extraordinary blend of natural, historical and cultural heritage. The Brijuni islands, found along the southwestern coast of Istria, were proclaimed a national park in1983. They cover an area of 2,700 acres, and total fourteen larger and small islands, of which the largest are Veliki and Mali Brijuni. Brijuni National Park is an oasis of the magnificent harmony between man, animal and plant life...


Rovinj is one of the most developed tourist destinations in Croatia, boasting rich natural and cultural heritage with beautiful landmarks such as the old town and the lush Zlatni rt (Punta corrente) forest.
Just wandering through the old town of Rovinj is a journey in itself. The numerous winding streets will eventually lead you to the Cathedral of St, Euphemia, as long as you are heading uphill. A brief stop at any of dozens of galleries will offer you both a cultural and spiritual awaking of the senses, while a stunning panoramic view awaits at the top. From here you will be able to see Rovinj’s13-island archipelago that begs to be explored.

Lim Channel

Lim Channel is 4nm of Rovinj. Lim Fjord is one of nature’s dreams for lovers of beauty and sea. It is one of the most beautiful natural resources of the Istrian peninsula. Lim Fiord is part of the 35 km long Lim Valley that stretches almost to the center of Istria. The natural bay is famous for seachells restaurants.


Island Cres is very rich in beautiful nature sites and there is a significant difference between northern and southern part of the island.
Lubenice is a small village on the island of Cres located at the top of a cliff 378 meters above the sea. In the Middle Ages Lubenice was one of the centres of archipelago due to its geostrategic significance.

Mali Lošinj

Mali Lošinj is the biggest settlement on the island, found on the southern side of the Bay of Lošinj, positioned in the August Bay, the biggest closed bay of the island, and with 7000 inhabitants, today it is the biggest island town in the Adriatic.
Bottlenose dolphins of Lošinj are the most famous Adriatic dolphins as they have been researched for almost three decades. They spend their entire life in the Kvarnerić area so researchers know them by name. The Lošinj dolphin community estimated number is around 180 individuals. The oldest dolphins of Lošinj, like Vivian, Tac and Mida are over 30 years old!

Ilovik & Susak

Ilovik is the southernmost inhabited island of the Lošinj archipelago and has a fishing village of the same name where 170 islanders live today.
The position of Ilovik is ideal located in a small bay and protected from the north of the uninhabited island. The coast is easily accessible from all sides with numerous safe gentle coves. The largest bay with a sandy beach is Paržine on the southeast side of the island. Susak is a small island located in the northern Adriatic Sea. It is known for its sandy beaches, beautiful folk costumes and yellow Dust from which the island made. It is this yellow dust which makes Susak unique.


The trip to Venice by boat is an excellent way of supplementing your holidays in Istria, or a good opportunity to meet Venice from the sea, as indeed a magnificent experience of this unique city with “drive through the most beautiful street in the world” -the Grand Canal. You can explore the city or go on a trip to the island of Murano and visit various attractions like St. Mark Square., the Doge's Palace, the Bridge of Sighs, Basilica di San Marco.
Also known as a famous place for sweethearts, lovers, artists and poets, Venice is a magical city, which stretches across numerous small islands. It is often refered to as the city of "gondole", which are the means of transportation used to cross the numerous canals passing through the city.